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A Message from the Director: Anti-Asian Violence

February 13, 2021

Dear AAPI Studies community,

The tragic killing of 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee and the violent attacks against Asian American elders in the Bay Area in the past two weeks have centered national media attention on anti-Asian violence once again. Anti-Asian violence has a long history in this country, and that history tells us the violence is systemic, inseparable from the violence of policing. As communities come together to condemn the violence and to enact collective care, we must refuse and speak out against solutions that call for more policing, even and especially those that do so in the name of protecting Asian Americans, and those that call for “community” or “less-lethal” forms of policing. In our collective responses, we must refuse the perpetuation of carceral logics and anti-Blackness.

The AAPI Studies Program will be holding space for us this week to process and discuss these topics. This will not be a formal presentation but an informal space to process, talk, and learn together. Please join us:

Tuesday 2/16, 5-6pm PST

Zoom link:

Some Additional Resources:

Stop AAPI Hate

CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities 

Asian Solidarity Collective

Chinese Progressive Association

 "Let's Talk about Anti-Blackness in the AAPI Community" (webinar co-presented by AAPI Studies and South Asia Studies, November 6, 2020)

In care and solidarity,
Simeon Man
AAPI Program Director