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The AAPI Studies Minor

 How to Declare a Minor in Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies

  1. Read How to Declare a Minor (TritonLink) and How Upper Division Course May Overlap (TritonLink).
  2. Fill out the AAPI Minor Check List (Fillable PDF). Select the courses from our AAPI Course Offerings.
  3. Log in to the Major/Minor Tool and submit your minor declaration request.
  4. Once your minor is approved, you will receive a notification message via the VAC. Check your degree audit to confirm your declaration.

Note: All courses must be taken for a letter grade other than in the case of the exceptions below:
Courses taken P/NP during Fall 2020, Winter 2021, and Spring 2021 can be counted toward an AAPI Studies minor.

Questions? Contact the AAPI Program Coordinator through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) 
Also see the 
FAQ tab on our website.

Minor Requirements

The Asian American and Pacific Islander Studies minor will consist of a total of seven courses (28 units), which will be chosen from a range of available courses in various departments and programs. One must be a lower-division Core Course (ETHN 20, HILD 7B, or LTEN 28), and five courses (20 of the 28 units) must be upper division, and the remaining course may be upper or lower division. Students may count one approved language course (either lower division or upper division) toward the minor. No more than three upper-division electives from one department can count toward the minor. No more than one course that focuses on Asia rather than Asian American experiences should be used for the minor. All AAPI Studies courses must be taken for a letter grade. Courses may be selected from the following list of approved AAPI courses or students may petition courses not listed below to count toward the minor, including those taken at other institutions. Please note that these courses may not be offered each quarter or every year, however a list of course offerings for the current academic year is available to help with course selection each quarter. 

AAPI Studies Courses

For a complete list of all courses approved to count toward the AAPI Studies minor, please refer to the UC San Diego Catalog.

Courses related to AAPI Studies that are not listed in the catalog can be petitioned to count toward the minor by following the instructions on the How to Petition Courses page.