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How to Petition Courses
for AAPI Studies Minor

Prepare Documents

To petition courses, you need to prepare 2 separate documents:

  1. UCSD Undergraduate Petition form (PDF). Be sure to include the transferred transcript's course numbers and units in the "If UCSD Course" section. You can find them in your degree audit.
  2. Course syllabus (PDF)

Review Petition Form

Before you submit your petition, review your form carefully.

  1. Check the right box at the top. Departmental Exception for major/minor, College Exception for GE, University Exception for DEI
  2. Make sure that "If UCSD Course" is filled out completely. (Section ID is not required for non-UCSD courses)
  3. Write your petition request in detail in "Request". If your information is missing, it will not be processed. It is your responsibility to clarify your major/minor/GE requirement and how you'd like to use your course for it.

    Bad example:
    "I would like to use this course for my AAPI minor.”

    Good examples:
    "I would like to use this course I took at a community college as a LD Core Course to substitute HILD 7B"
    "I would like to use this course to fulfill the AAPI minor’s UD requirement.”
    “I would like this EAP Japanese language course to count towards the AAPI minor’s UD requirement.”

  4. The petition form and syllabus must be saved and attached as two separate PDF documents. The images of your hand-written materials must be saved and attached as PDF, JPEG, or PNG. No online documents (such as Google Docs) will be accepted.
  5. If you recently declared a minor in AAPI, please wait to submit your petition until your AAPI minor is available in your degree audit.

Submit Petition Electronically

  1. Save your petition as a PDF file and name it as follows:
    Name(LastFirst) PTTN Date (MMDDYYYY)
    Example: YamadaHanakoPTTN03252020
  2. Submit all your documents to in one email.
    In the subject line, enter “Course Petition: Last, First (PID), AAPI Minor”

Example: Course Petition: Matsui, Terry (A01234567), AAPI minor


  • To find out if you need to petition the courses you took at your community college, go to for the articulation agreements.
  • No petitions are processed during Weeks 1 and 2 (during the Add/Drop period) of each quarter. The petitioning process could take up to 2 weeks. If you are submitting your petition in your graduation quarter, you must submit it by Week 5.