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UC San Diego Resource Centers

Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American (APIMEDA)

Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern Desi American (APIMEDA) Programs and Service is an initiative within the Office of the Vice Chancellor –Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion. Developed after strong student advocacy, APIMEDA Programs and Services provides outreach, programs, and other support for our diverse APIMEDA student population. APIMEDA people are diverse, and come to campus with different experiences and identities. The Office seeks to help folks find connections with one another while supporting the whole population.

Career Center

Looking for career advice? UC San Diego’s Career Center has plenty of tools and resources to support students in need of direction. Attend workshops, employer events, graduate school recruiting, or meet with an advisor one on one through virtual advising. 

Cross Cultural Center

The Cross-Cultural Center is committed to supporting the needs of UC San Diego’s diverse student, staff and faculty communities. Their mission is to create a learning environment in which the entire campus community feels welcome. Within this charge, and in collaboration with existing campus programs, the Cross Cultural Center's priority is to: Facilitate the academic, professional and personal development of students, staff and faculty who are members of historically under-represented groups and provide programs and services to foster discussions on issues related to the creation of a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious university.

Student Success Coaching Program

The Student Success Coaching Program facilitates the transition and promotes the success of a cohort of incoming and continuing first-generation college students at UC San Diego. Students are part of a collaborative, holistically supportive and validating environment that applies a strengths-based approach. The Student Success Coaching Program will pave the way for a thriving culture of support for first-generation students that intentionally eradicates historical institutional barriers.

The Hub: Basic Needs Center

Basic Needs refers to the most essential resources required to thrive as a student, which includes access to nutritious food, stable housing, and financial wellness resources. The Hub is a UC San Diego space that offers students the opportunity to engage in and link to basic needs resources.

UC San Diego Student Organizations

Asians and Pacific Islanders for the Arts and Humanities (APIAH)

The purpose of the Asians & Pacific Islanders for the Arts and Humanities (APIAH) is to provide support and a close-knit community for Asian & Pacific Islander scholars/students/creatives studying or interested in the Arts and Humanities; promote creative opportunities for API scholars across the UCSD campus and beyond; raise awareness and de-stigmatize the study of the Arts and Humanities for API looking to major and minor; establish a bi-annual exhibition for API creatives; bring together API identifying undergraduate and graduate students studying different disciplines; support API transfers majoring and minoring in the Arts and Humanities and increase the presence of API in higher education.


Asian and Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APSA)

The Asian and Pacific Islander Student Alliance exists to create an environment where political, educational, cultural, and social issues can be addressed, increase awareness about Asian and Pacific Islander history and heritage within the university and the community, to unite as a community resource to represent a common voice, and to serve as a support network for building bonds and addressing differences between students. APSA 

Chinese American Student Association

The Chinese American Student Association (CASA) is a cultural, social, and community service oriented organization, striving to promote the Chinese American culture throughout UC San Diego and its surrounding community. CASA is an organization that serves to unite all those with a love of the Chinese culture under a common banner in order to forge life-long friendships and to explore the 5,000-year-old Chinese culture.

Hawaii Club

The Hawaii Club exists to celebrate, teach, and promote Polynesian culture on UC San Diego’s campus and in the greater San Diego area as well as act as a social haven for students from the Pacific and students interested in learning about the cultures of the Pacific.

Indian Student Association

An undergraduate organization that provides useful services for Indians at UC San Diego and hosts Indian cultural events for the San Diego community.

Japanese Student Association

The UC San Diego Japanese Student Association is for students whose home country is Japan and for those who wish to experience Japanese culture. 

Korean American Student Association

The Korean American Student Association (KASA) at UC San Diego prides itself on celebrating Korean culture through social interaction. Members of all backgrounds are welcome to join at any time during the academic year.

Mixed Student Union

The Mixed Student Union (MSU) at UC San Diego exists to increase and highlight cultural exchange amongst members and campus at large, as well as create a welcoming and inclusive community for people of mixed identities. MSU strives to create community for those students who feel they may not fit into traditional cultural spaces.

Multi-Asian Student Association (MASA)

MASA, or the Multi-Asian Student Association is an all-inclusive organization that teaches all who join about the various Asian cultures through food events, social gatherings, and general meetings. MASA serves to be a community in which friends can chill together while appreciating the wonderful cultures around us.

Nikkei Student Union

The Nikkei Student Union (formerly known as the Japanese American Society established in 1988) is the oldest and largest Japanese-interest organization on the UCSD campus. There is no need to be Japanese to be in the club. The club exists to promote awareness of Japanese American and Japanese culture, history and issues on the UCSD campus as well as provide a meeting ground for all fellow Nikkei’s to unite together.

Pakistani Student Association

The Pakistani Student Association’s purpose is to create a community of those interested in learning about and celebrating Pakistani culture and to further the knowledge of interested persons of the history of Pakistan.

Pacific Islander Student Association (PISA)

UC San Diego’s Pacific Islander Student Association aims to provide a safe space and sense of community to students who identify with and appreciate Pacific Islander culture.

San Diego Indonesian Association

The San Diego Indonesian Association promotes Indonesian culture to the UC San Diego community through social and other nonprofit events, creates camaraderie between members and builds a network with other Indonesian clubs.

Vietnamese Student Association

The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) promotes and preserves the Vietnamese culture and awareness among the UC San Diego students through various cultural, social, community, and educational events.

Beyond UC San Diego AAPI Student Guide curated a college guide for AAPI students covering key trends, college resources, and National Advocacy groups and organizations for AAPI students. 


Asian Nation

Information, resources, and overview of the historical, demographic, political, and cultural issues that make up today's diverse Asian American community. 


Asian American Justice Center

The Asian American Justice Center is one of the nation's leading experts on issues of importance to the Asian American community including: affirmative action, anti-Asian violence prevention/race relations, census, immigrant rights, immigration, language access, television diversity and voting rights. Our expertise is widely acknowledged: in the media, by the public and lawmakers at the very highest tiers of government.

National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum (NAPAWF)

NAPAWF is the only national, multi-issue APA women's organization in the country. NAPAWF's mission is to build a movement to advance social justice and human rights for APA women and girls.